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Coming Up in Wine Advocate Issue 228

On Friday, December 30th at 12 noon USA EDT, we will be publishing our biggest issue of this year: Wine Advocate Issue 228. Here's what is in store for our subscribers of

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Best of 2016: Stephan Reinhardt

Don't miss Stephan Reinhardt's extensive Best of 2016 list, which includes his favorites from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Champagne and the Loire Valley—as well as value wines recommendations, his favorite wine experiences of the year and a bit of camping in Alsace!...

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Best of 2016: Liwen Hao

Liwen Hao dishes about wines from China and Japanese sake, as well as his favorite wine and food experience in Shanghai, in his Best of 2016 report!...

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Best of 2016: Mark Squires

Mark Squires highlights Portugal, Greece, Isarael, Lebanon and East Coast USA in his Best of 2016 report!...

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Top 10 Chardonnays in Interim End of November Issue

Just published today, don't miss Neal Martin's fabulous look at Burgundy 2013 In Bottle, published in our Interim End of November Issue. Here, I've collected the 10 top-scoring Chardonnays from this report, featuring outstanding and extraordinary wines with scores 90 or above—proving that even in a "good rather than great vintage," as Neal Martin states, there are still gems to discover. Enjoy!...

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The 92 Grape Varieties in Issue 227

One of the things I love about our new website is the new Filters feature in the Issue Search. So, for example, I can now search our entire last issue – Issue 227 – and quickly see that the 4,835 wines we reviewed incorporated 92 different grape variety names (including the odd synonym). The entire list of grape varieties covered in Issue 227 is listed below, including links to the wines and details of where many can be purchased...

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Flying the Friendly Skies

Here’s what I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. We were on this large jet flying to somewhere beautiful, some sort of Paradise, we thought, when it was hijacked and now it’s headed toward a skyscraper....

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20 Outstanding Value-for-Money Wines for the Holiday Season

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve selected twenty great value wines from our latest Wine Advocate issue – Issue 227. Each of these wines usually retails for US$25 or less and all of them represent “outstanding” quality, meaning they have been rated by our experts at 90 points or above. So, whether you’re in the mood for a sparkling, white, rosé, red, sweet or fortified wine, we’ve got you covered this Holiday Season at the Wine Advocate....

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6 Wines for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a versatile meal that calls for a wide selection of wines on the table. You may be surprised at how many different styles and varieties pair well with Thanksgiving dishes....

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