A Rosé Museum Lands in NYC This Summer

New Yorkers, get ready—an immersive rosé wine tasting experience is landing in Midtown Manhattan this summer.

Dubbed Rosé Mansion, the brainchild from wine experts Morgan First and Tyler Balliet is a science museum-meets-highly-interactive wine bar. “I’ve always loved science museums because they are hands-on and educational, but still really fun,” says Balliet. “Why can’t we have a version for adults?”

Located at 445 5th Avenue, the tasting experience is spread out over two floors, weaving guests through 14 uniquely-inspired rooms featuring everyone’s favorite pink drink. Per the Rosé Mansion website, it “will transport you to a different place and time.”

Take the Ancient Roman room: bedecked in Roman murals and statues, the room is meant to resemble a dinner party set some 2,000 years ago. “We’re getting a rosé for this room that is made from the same grape and region that it was 2,000 years ago,” he says. “How cool is that?!” The Drink Local room showcases the history of New York state wines, as well as samples from the Finger Lakes. Balliet and First are working with the fourth generation winemaker of Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery, who jumpstarted wine making in the area.

Guests will leisurely meander through these rooms while interacting with exhibits and sipping on eight samples of Rosé, equalling a two glasses of wine. An Instagram-worthy photo area complete with a giant swinging chandelier and a bathtub filled with rose petals, as well as a blending lab where attendees can create their own wines, is also a part of the experience. “It's a great way to teach about why blending is so important to wine, but it's also fun to create different flavors by using different grapes,” adds Balliet.


For guests looking to continue in the fun after exploring the exhibits there's a rosé wine bar featuring a list of over 100 rosés from “every wine-producing country we can get our hands on,” says Balliet. “It’s basically my idea of a perfect day!”

This isn’t the first wine tasting pop-up First and Balliet has executed—the duo has over a decade of experience, co-founding Second Glass and Wine Riot. While they are currently more than focused on making Rosé Mansion New York City’s summertime destination, they hope to replicate the event in years to come.

Rosé Mansion opens on Thursday, July 12 and will run through Sunday, October 7. Tickets officially go on sale today at 10:00 a.m. EST for a special “matinee” price of $35. Bottles and snacks are available for purchase in the Grand Tasting Lounge. Drink up! #roséallday

Images by Max Flatow.

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