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Alice’s Adventures in Naturaland, or Through the Isinglass

Ron Washam, A.K.A. The HoseMaster of Wine™, ventures beyond his infamous blog, penning his first original, wickedly satirical piece for Wine Journal. Welcome HoseMaster!...

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38th TWA Anniversary Addition POST SCRIPT: Since 2003 and the 25th Anniversary

Since we launched it in 2001, The Wine Advocate site largely remained unchanged in its early beginnings and is currently undergoing its first massive modification, revision and facelift. Although

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Coming Up in Wine Advocate Issue 226

On Wednesday, 31st August at 12 noon USA EDT, we will be publishing Wine Advocate Issue 226. We have an incredible line-up of regions and wines being featured this issue,...

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Wine Journal: The Third Coming

Now comes the third incarnation of Wine-Journal. Not so much rising from the dead, it has been reactivated, rebooted, given a lick of paint and escaped from behind the paywall...

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The Magic of Glassware: All Smoke & Mirrors?

It’s no great secret that different sizes and shapes of wine glasses will change how aromas in wine are expressed and channeled to your nose and palate. And this alone...

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An Open Letter to Giacomo Tachis

Monica Larner writes an open letter to the late "founding father of Italian wine."...

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Lisa Perrotti Brown's Guide to the Best of 2015

Like my colleagues, I spent a good portion of 2015 on planes. A lot of it was for work, but the most special journey was coming back home to America...

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Robert Parker's Guide to the Best of 2015

As you know, Robert Parker covers the wines of Northern California and is our Wine-Critic-at-Large. Here is his Guide to the Best of 2015!...

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Wine In the Time of War

Despite Edwin Starr's sage advice that war is good for absolutely nothing, mankind's wilful ignorance and boundless stupidity means that we still cannot resist a 'good old' war. In 2014...

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