Learn the Difference Between Washington & Western Australia Wines

Fanned out before you are several glasses of red wine. Each glass has its own set of aromas and flavors and a unique personality. Some of the wines come from the United States and others from Australia. But which is which? Can you tell the difference between a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon grown at the foot of the Cascade Mountains in Washington from one grown at the foot of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge in the southwestern corner of Australia? And what are the differences, anyway? 

Join RPWA Managing Editor Joe Czerwinski, who is also our reviewer of Australian wines and a veteran wine critic with decades of experience judging quality wines, and put your blind tasting skills to work. Blind tastings can be tough, but it will be a blast at our master class, WA (Washington State Wines) versus WA (Western Australia, Margaret River), where you’ll learn by tasting a dozen top wines, including the 97-point 2014 Passing Time Horse Heaven Hills Cabernet Sauvignon and the 94+ point 2013 Cullen Wines Diana Madeline

Thousands of miles apart, commercial grape growing sprung up in tandem in the mid-1960s in the Margaret River, located in the Margaret River cape in the southwestern corner of Australia, and in Washington state east of the Cascade Mountain range. Growers in Margaret River were encouraged by Dr. John Gladstones, who discovered the suitability of the region for grape growing. In Washington, Andre Tchelistcheff oversaw the early efforts of Chateau Ste. Michelle to grow grapes and make wine. Despite relatively short viticultural histories, both regions are highly regarded in the world of fine wine. 

Wines from benchmark producers in both regions will face off in this blind tasting challenge. Blind tasters will sample a dozen high-scoring wines from top-notch wineries including Cape Mentelle, Leeuwin Estate, L’Ecole and Gramercy Cellars. As a special gift to Wine Journal readers, save $50 when you purchase a ticket to the WA (Washington State Wines) versus WA (Western Australia, Margaret River) master class and a ticket to the Grand Walkabout Tasting, where you can continue your tasting practice with over 300 wines rated 90 points or higher by Robert Parker Wine Advocate reviewers. 

Seats are limited and so is this offer, so grab your tickets today. Put your tasting skills to the test and decide for yourself which regions—or wines—come out on top. 

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