5 Refreshing Pink Portuguese Wines for Summer

In the latest Wine Advocate issue, reviewer Mark Squires covers new Vinho Verde releases in Portugal where rosés, in particular, stood out. “One thing I've come to really like about Vinhos Verdes in pink is their crisp demeanor,” Squires states. “The grape blends (Padeiro, Espadeiro or Vinhão, very typically) and the region impart a lot of zing and zest.” There are other fine pinks on tap, too, from Douro and other regions.

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Scoop these refreshing Portuguese pinks for those dog days of summer. Bonus: they’re all priced under $15. 

"Bursting with young fruit flavor, it lingers nicely and tastes great, but that acidity makes the wine intriguing and a cut above."

"For those who look for a well-priced red wine substitute in the summer, this delivers a lot for a little and easily has the stuffing to hold up to food."

"It is fresh and tasty, with dry, controlled flavors, nothing sweet or simple."

"Refined in the mid-palate, it delivers oodles of red fruit flavor on the finish." 

"This has a fresher feel with more finesse in the mid-palate. The blend gives it a slightly earth hint on the finish." 

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