Where Is The Wine Advocate: From California to the Road Less Traveled

Social media can give even the tiniest of glimpses into the lives of others. In our new series, we’re rounding up what a handful of our Wine Advocate team members have been up to over the past week. Join us along our ever-changing tasting adventures. 

A perfect and eloquent summation from Lisa Perrotti-Brown: The life of a wine critic...so many wines to taste, so little time, each bottle bursting to tell its story and it's our duty not to leave the tasting table until that story is essentialized and transcribed into a note. It is a huge responsibility and one that the best critics do not take lightly.”


Pro tip from @nealmartin123: “Well, if you are going to drink 1998 Cheval Blanc, might as well be from magnum.” Duly noted.


Luis Gutierrez has office view goals. 


Another sunset in Chianti Classico. Harvest is nigh. (Photo: @monicalarner.) 


Stephan Reinhardt is on the road less traveled in Hamburg. 


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