Where Is RPWA: Rhône, Jura and Celebrating Michelin Stars in NYC

Social media can give even the tiniest of glimpses into the lives of others. In our new series, we’re rounding up what a handful of our Wine Advocate team members have been up to over the past week. Join us along our ever-changing tasting adventures. 

Last week, the Robert Parker Wine Advocate team joined forces with the MICHELIN Guide to celebrate the newly-starred restaurants in the United States. Editor-in-chief Lisa Perrotti-Brown had a front row seat to Colbie Caillat’s excellent performance. 


After the gala, managing editor @joeczinsta was off to Rhône, where he’s been keeping busy. (Coming soon in Issue 234!) 


Where is Luis Gutierrez? Jura! And tasting at Domaine de Montbourgeau


“Too early to party?” Never, @weinwunder. Never.


And in Rome, Monica Larner is living her best work life. (And don't let this fool you—the job of a wine reviewer is not to be taken lightly!)


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