Talking Trade – Burgundy At A Recent High

  • Anthony Maxwell, Liv-ex Director

  • 02 Apr 2019 | News & Views

  • Burgundy’s share by value rises to 28.1%
  • Armand Rousseau, Chambertin Clos de Beze 2016 most active wine
  • Latour 2008 and Forts Latour 2013 released ex-Chateau
  • Bordeaux 2018: En Primeur report coming

Burgundy recently stole the spotlight, with the region’s trade share by value rising from 10.4% to 28.1%. At the same time, Bordeaux pulled back to 52.8%—low activity from the First Growths contributed to this. Still, the Liv-ex 50, which tracks the price movements of the First Growths, was up 0.3% on last Thursday’s close.

Italy and the Rhone improved (to 8.7% and 2% respectively) after dips in the previous week. Champagne, the USA and the "others" category fell slightly.

Burgundy’s gains were largely driven by high value Armand Rousseau and DRC. The most traded wine by value last week was Rousseau’s Chambertin Clos De Beze 2016, which last sold at £30,000 per 12×75. DRC Assortment 2001 took second place, with a last trade at £35,000 per 12×75. Forts Latour 2012 (LPB 92) followed.

Latour Ex-Chateau Releases

Last week saw the ex-Chateau release of Latour 2008 and Forts Latour 2013. Chateau Latour famously left the En Primeur system in 2011, opting to release stock only when they deemed the wines were ready to drink. You can read our price analysis on this week’s offerings here.

Bordeaux 2018: En Primeur Report Released

Liv-ex recently released an in-depth report on the development of the Bordeaux market and this year’s upcoming Bordeaux 2018 En Primeur campaign. Find out more here.

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