Top 5-Rated Wines From Champagne 2018

“I wasn’t looking for it, but suddenly it appeared in my glass: the most beautiful bubbly Rosé I have ever had,” says reviewer Stephan Reinhardt in the first installment of his two part Champagne report. Reinhardt tasted nearly 100 wines from the region, finding the first-ever 100-point Champagne in the 40-year history of The Wine Advocate

Behold, the top five Champagnes from our latest Issue, all rated 98 points and higher: 

“Even if you served me the wine in a black glass, it would still be a gorgeous, beautiful wine.”

“On the palate, the 2002 is terribly fresh and finessed, highly aromatic and very mineral, with great structure and a very, very long and tensioned finish.”

“Pure, profound and vibrantly fresh on the palate, this is a straight, athletic, very intense and expressive yet highly elegant and finessed Clos du Mesnil with a unique fresh fruit character!”

“Roederer's 1996 Cristal Rosé has always been described as one of the very best Champagnes, but now here is the perfection of perfection, the 1996 Cristal Vinothèque Rosé, a wine with an undefined color or, like the 1995, just a hint of color.”

“On the palate, this is a highly elegant, refined and complex Rosé with good texture and a very long and complex but also refined finish.”

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