Top 10 Chardonnays in Issue 226

In case you haven’t heard, Chardonnay is back! It came-in as our number one reviewed single grape variety in our last Issue of the Wine Advocate with a total of 819 reviews. (Course the Issue featured comprehensive Chablis and California Central Coast reports, so these regions accounted for most of the Chardonnays.)

We’re pleased to share with you this list of 10 of our top scoring Chardonnays in Issue 226. Enjoy!

2014 Domaine Raveneau Chablis Grand Cru les Clos

2014 Domaine Raveneau Chablis Grand Cru Blanchots

2013 Diatom Chardonnay

2014 Paul Lato Chardonnay East of Eden Pisoni Vineyard

2014 Paul Lato Chardonnay le Souvenir Sierra Madre Vineyard

2014 Peake Ranch Chardonnay Sierra Madre Vineyard

2014 Brewer-Clifton Chardonnay 3 D

2014 Brewer-Clifton Chardonnay Hapgood

2014 Calera Chardonnay Mt Harlan

2014 Christian Moreau Chablis Grand Cru Vaudesir

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Happy Hunting!

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