New Year's Eve, 2002 (At a Friend's House)

We started the evening with great smoked salmon, terrific Peking duck, and the unbelievably fat but tasty Wagyu beef from the famous purveyor of beef in New York City, Lobel's. Beef lovers need to check out this incredibly marbled species of beef that is utilized for Kobe beef in Japan. One almost feels guilty while eating it knowing that your arteries are turning to stone as it is being digested ... it's that fat. But wow, what flavor!

The fabulous wine selection included a remarkably full-bodied 1990 Dom Pérignon Rosé followed by three sensational magnums, the 1989 Angèlus (still young, vigorous, full-bodied, and powerful) and the fully mature, complex (when will it ever begin to decline?) 1982 Pichon-Lalande. At the end of the meal, along with various cheeses, we had a rustic, dense, chewy, powerful, meaty 1989 Pégaü Châteauneuf du Pape. It is still seemingly young and improving.

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