Name These 10 Wine Regions from their Iconic Structures

Just about every wine region of the world has its fair share of iconic structures, be they innovative winery architecture, historical buildings or idiosyncrasies totally unrelated to wine. Can you name these 10 wine regions by recognizing the structures in the photos? In case you don’t get them straight away, I’ve provided a few hints. Scroll down to the bottom for the answers.

1) OK, so this first one is a gift…just to get you warmed-up…

2) Hint: The ruins here are the remnants of a gold rush. Now there’s a rush for liquid gold in this region.

3) Hint: The curling, colorful roof you can see in the distance is a “Titanium Fantasy,” but for the 19th Century French fleeing a devastating louse, this region was a vineyard fantasy come true!

4) Hint: And to think, this structure used to be a pigeon coop. Nowadays, it’s called a tower…but not just a tower, it’s “the tower.”

5) Hint: A maritime region bordering a craggy coastline, the cape that houses this lighthouse lends its name to one of the region’s most famous wineries.

6) Hint: When you’re feeling chilly, retreat to the staves and drink Cabernet!

7) Hint: Where else in the world could you find an undercover agent’s dome surrounded by sheep?

8) Hint: Surrounded by Classic (sic) vineyards, the ancient structures in the background of this photo are home to a famous butcher and a tile making family.

9) Hint: Perhaps the most famous vineyard of this region, this vineyard and wine was almost named “Parrot Hill” after the local village. Instead, the vineyard takes its name from a translation of the church in this photo, called “Gnadenberg.”

10) Hint: Located in the same township as a place where Michelin inspectors wash their petits, this building may look a little like a prison, but rest assured, it is the wines that lie within that dominate this nook.

  1. Gevrey Chambertin, Burgundy, France
  2. Central Otago, New Zealand (The ruins are what’s left of the goldminers’ settlement in the hills above Bendigo.)
  3. Rioja, Spain (The structure is the Marques de Riscal Winery, designed by Frank Gehry.)
  4. Pauillac, Bordeaux, France (The structure is the “tower” at Chateau Latour, though it did in fact used to be a pigeon house.)
  5. Margaret River, Australia (The structure is the lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin, which lends its name to Leeuwin Estate.)
  6. Colchagua, Chile (The structure is the is the Clos Apalta winery at Casa Lapostolle winery.)
  7. Marlborough, New Zealand (The structure in the photo is the Waihopai Station’s “Spy Valley” dome.)
  8. Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy (The buildings in the background compose the town of Panzano, home of the famous “Butcher of Panzano” and the Fontodi family, who, besides being great winemakers, are also famous across Italy for their “terrecotte” tiles.
  9. Eden Valley, Barossa, Australia (The “Gnadenberg Church” in the background of the photo was translated from German to “Hill of Grace,” which is the name of the vineyard.)
  10. Napa Valley, California (The structure is the Dominus Estate winery located in Yountville, where the three Michelin starred “French Laundry” restaurant is located. The winery was designed by Swiss architects, Jaques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. The Napanook vineyard behind the winery is where George Nook, the founder of Yountville, planted the first vines in the valley in 1836.

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