Le Dome, Paris France

One of my two or three favorite Parisian restaurants for fish and shellfish, this famous old brassière/bistro offers the freshest seafood one can find. This is a great spot to enjoy the finest oysters Paris has to offer, as well as the catch of the day. I have had some great turbot, scallops, rouget, and St.-Pierre at Le Dome. This sumptuous meal was light on its feet, but gorgeously pure, with fabulous oysters as well as complementary wines. The first bottle of Vatan Sancerrewas corked, but the second was pure liquid minerality with tangy acidity. It was an ideal foil for both the oysters and fish soup. André Peret's Condrieu was also glorious, with plenty of honeysuckle and tropical fruit notes, along with that striking minerality that makes Viognier grown on the steep slopes of Condrieu so special. The cuisine as well as service were impeccable.

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