Husk Restaurant

The food was innovative, very flavorful and I can't recommend it highly enough. But I had real problems with the wine list, which is one of those esoteric, hipster lists where some of the weirdest and most obscure and largely unpalatable wines are presented. That's interesting, as good as the food is, and they have a fabulous list of whiskeys, bourbons, as well as craft beers. We did manage to find a bottle of Alsatian Riesling and a Domain Weinbach, which seemed to go with the food, but there was hardly a red wine on the list that I would have the opportunity to buy.

I did like the innovativeness of how they arranged the wine list, based on soil types, from limestone and the Goldridge soils of Russian River to Alluvial, gravelly soils, as well as volcanic soils. But I would have preferred to see more mainstream and popular choices, rather than the obscurities that were offered. In any event, you could certainly do much better drinking one of their craft beers, or sticking to the cocktails.

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