Hundred Acre’s Jayson Woodbridge to Host Epic Masterclass at Matter Of Taste New York

Hundred Acre has produced 19 Robert Parker Wine Advocate 100-point wines since its first vintage in 2000—an astonishing achievement. Robert Parker once called proprietor Jayson Woodbridge, “the Howard Hughes of wine.” Lisa Perrotti-Brown, MW, further noted that Woodbridge, “thinks on another plane of existence,” that his unconventional ideas and ways of doing things clearly get the results only compounds the prevailing notions of a kind of mysterious, unseen, dark matter element that accounts for his success. So, perhaps Jayson Woodbridge is like Howard Hughes with a good dollop of Da Vinci?

We are very excited to announce that the sometimes reclusive, somewhat infamous, often provocative and always mind-blowing Jayson Woodbridge will be hosting this once-in-a-lifetime masterclass of Hundred Acre wines at the upcoming Matter of Taste New York. The tasting will focus on two amazing vintages (2013 and 2014) of the Hundred Acre Napa Valley Single Vineyard wines, each culminating in a rare tasting of Wraith—rising up above the three vineyard components as its own wine. The tasting will then dive into the “Ancient Way,” showcasing this incredible Barossa, Australia vineyard with four epic vintages: 2005-2010. Co-hosted by Perrotti-Brown, this is one epic wine tasting opportunity not to be missed.

Act fast and get your tickets today. 

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