Coming Up in Wine Advocate Issue 230

Dear Readers,

On Friday, April 28th at 12 noon USA EDT, we will be publishing Robert Parker Wine Advocate Issue 230.

Man-o-man, have we got a blockbuster of an issue in store for readers this April! Of course, the wine world is all abuzz about Bordeaux 2016: the next new greatest vintage of the century. Or is it? Our tireless Bordeaux critic, Neal Martin, has spent more than a month in March and April tasting and re-tasting 750+ wines, while diligently interviewing winemakers, consultants and growers to piece together the real story behind the story. Lovers of Bordeaux wines will not want to miss reading every word of what has to be the most carefully researched and comprehensive report on Bordeaux 2016 available anywhere.

Bordeaux not your thing? Not to worry. This Issue also hosts 16 non-Bordeaux related reports, including our annual coverage of the wines of Chile (900+ reviews), Languedoc/Roussillon (1,100+ reviews), South Africa (800+ reviews), Germany’s Mosel (700+ reviews) and California’s Sonoma County (650+ reviews). And we’ve got smaller but equally beautiful reports on Sassicaia, Tuscany’s finest, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Portugal and East Coast USA. 

Weighing in at over 5,600 reviews, here is the full list of what we have in store for subscribers in our End of April Issue:

  • Chile: Earth, Air, Fire and Water
  • Eastern Europe, Slovenia: Simčič and Štekar
  • France, Bordeaux: Make Bordeaux Great (Again) – En Primeur 2016
  • France, Burgundy: Additional 2015s
  • France, Languedoc: Current Releases (Mostly 2014s and 2015s)
  • France, Roussillon: Current Releases
  • Germany, Mosel: Part Two – 2015: A Great Vintage for Mosel Classics
  • Greece: Alpha, Moraitis and More
  • Israel and Lebanon: Chateau Golan and Ixsir Lead the Way
  • Italy, Tuscany: Tenuta San Guido - Bolgheri Sassicaia Retrospective
  • Italy: Additional Tuscan Reviews
  • Italy: The Tuscan Ten
  • Portugal: Vinho Verde Begins, Plus 2011 Blockbusters and More
  • Portugal: Port - Mostly Whites and Tawnies
  • South Africa
  • USA, California: Sonoma County - Part Two, Left of Center Winemaking
  • USA, East Coast: Horton, Macari and Veramar

So, please keep your eyes peeled for Issue 230 posting on April 28th. And happy wine hunting from all of us at Robert Parker Wine Advocate!

Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW, Editor-in-Chief

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