Coming up in Issue 233—the October (Halloween) Issue of Robert Parker Wine Advocate

The Robert Parker Wine Advocate team has had a very busy month, working long hours and late nights preparing for the end of the month. It has finally come. Halloween is almost here, and you know what that means… Wine! Lots and lots of wine reviews! Our Reviewers have been fastidiously working all month in order to squeeze as many wines as possible into the upcoming Robert Parker Wine Advocate Issue 233—our annual Halloween Issue that will be posted on next Tuesday, October 31. 

We’ve got a lot of treats in store for you this issue—so many it’s almost scary! This issue features over 3,500 wine reviews spanning a dozen countries around the world—from Burgundy and Châteauneuf-du-Pape in France, to Chianti Classico in Italy, Port in Portugal, Rheinhessen in Germany, Napa Valley and California’s Central Coast in the US, plus China and Japan (and more!). All neatly packaged into 25 outstanding articles, it’s going to be positively Spooktacular! Editor-in-chief Lisa Perrotti-Brown’s Napa report is nothing short of magic: she withstood back-to-back tastings for days and weeks on end, and even in the midst of wildfires and midnight evacuations, she pressed on to craft and complete over 750 Napa Valley wine reviews just in the nick of time!

Though you’ll have to wait until next Tuesday for the new Wine Advocate Issue to appear, we’ve got plenty of other tricks up our sleeves to keep you entertained in the meantime. Just head over to Wine Journal to check out the latest.


Lacey Marlow, Deputy Editor

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