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Dear Readers, 

On Friday, June 30th, at 12 noon EDT, we will be publishing Robert Parker Wine Advocate Issue 231. 

This June Issue is a true summer blockbuster, with almost 3,000 wines and a few of our most highly anticipated annual reports. One such long-awaited annual piece you’ll find in this issue is our Washington State report, bringing boatloads of good news from the West Coast. And, this year’s group of Washington State wines is certainly a big one, with almost 800 wine tasting notes! 

Another shining star in this issue is our latest Italy report, “Piedmont: Barolo, Barbaresco and more.” Plus, this issue also features a new gem making its debut appearance in Robert Parker Wine Advocate—English sparkling wine! But, it’s hard to pick a favorite, because this line-up is just so good. Here’s the full list of all you have to look forward to this Friday:  

  • Australia: Focus on Yalumba
    Eastern Europe: Bulgaria and Armenia
  • England: Carry On Winemaking - English Sparkling Wine
  • France, Alsace: Part Two - 2014 and 2015
  • France, Bordeaux: 2007 – Ten Years On
  • France, Bordeaux: Back to the Old School - Château Batailley 1881-2010 France, Bordeaux: Changing of the Guard at Haut-Batailley
  • France, Bordeaux: Sunday Prayers with Trotanoy
  • France, Burgundy: 2014 In Bottle - Part One
  • France: Bordeaux and Burgundy - Up From The Cellar 24
  • Greece: Santorini Part One and More
  • Israel and Lebanon
  • Italy, Piedmont: Barolo, Barbaresco and More
  • Portugal: Summer Refreshers, Big Reds and More
  • Spain, Aragón: Mondo Garnacha
  • Spain, Gredos: Garnacha Tangled by the Appellations
  • Spain, Navarra: Garnacha is (Mostly) Back!
  • USA, California: Sonoma County - Part Three
  • USA, East Coast: Long Island Focus, FLX Power and More
  • USA, Washington: The Good News Just Keeps Rolling in with the 2014s and 2015s


Lacey Marlow, Deputy Editor

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