Caves Petrissans, Paris, France

This is actually a wine bar/shop with a tiny bistro attached. I highly recommend it for its classic bistro food as well as wines that can be purchased. I was able to secure three 1997 single vineyard wines from GuigalLa MoulineLa Landonne, and La Turque, all for about $150 a bottle on the wine list. This is an underrated yet excellent vintage in Côte Rôtie. Soft, forward, and already drinking well, all three of these wines have 10-12 years of life ahead of them. The softest, most flamboyant and exotic is always La Mouline, the most classic, La Turque, and the most masculine, brutal, dense, and animal-like, La Landonne. All three consistently performed up to their reputations. The only difference is that in 1997, La Landonne, which normally requires a decade of cellaring, can be drunk now. Readers who want to make a trek to this outlying wine bar/bistro are well-advised to check out this well-run, friendly venue.

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