Lisa Perrotti-Brown
Wine Journal
How Important Are Tasting Notes?

Tasting notes are an important companion to scores, because they describe the wine’s style, personality and potential....

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Corked Wine Reality Check

Here I was under the impression that cork manufacturers were making some headway in the battle against cork taint....

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Name These 10 Wine Regions from their Iconic Structures

Just about every wine region of the world has its fair share of iconic structures, be they innovative winery architecture, historical buildings or idiosyncrasies totally unrelated to wine. Can you name these 10 wine regions by recognizing the structures in the photos? In case you don’t get them straight away, I’ve provided a few hints. Scroll down to the bottom for the answers....

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Blind Tasting: Tricks of the Trade

Blind Tasting is a term we winos use in reference to our ubiquitous penchant for tasting wines without seeing the label or otherwise knowing what the wine is. Apart from being a popular sport amongst wine geeks, it is also a useful means of testing the abilities of wine students and occasionally a manner of assessing wines by wine professionals....

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Our Sense of Smell

In this excerpt from her book, "Taste Like a Wine Critic: A Guide to Understanding Wine Quality", Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW explains how our incredible sense of smell enhances our experience of wine and just about anything....

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