8 Best Wines From Argentina 2018

I said the same thing last year,” says Luis Gutiérrez. “It was my largest report on Argentina, and I was hoping it would remain the largest forever.” Gutiérrez tasted a whopping 1,107 wines from the region in Issue 228 and hit it out of the park, featuring 1,288 tasting notes in Issue 237

Gutiérrez made quite some discoveries during his epic journey, including the first two wines from the region ever to be award the perfect 100 point score. “What’s interesting, and I think I’ve mentioned this before, is that one of the largest wineries, Catena Zapata, is also one of the quality leaders, pushing for improvements and producing one of these 100-point wines,” he says. “Quality and quantity do not always go together, and when this happens with names like Catena, it has a domino effect on others, which is beneficial for the whole country.”

Here, the top eight wines from Gutiérrez’s largest Argentina report, all rated 98 points and higher. 

“This has good ripeness and sharp acidity, making it powerful but extremely fresh, with a backbone of acidity that lifts the wine up and makes it extremely long and persistent.”

“This is one of those wines where the only improvement I can think of is having magnums rather than bottles.”

“It's a bit edgy, with an austere personality—mineral, serious and dry, with the chalky tannins and the dry mouthfeel that are characteristic of the limestone soils.”

“The quality, elegance and finesse of this wine is just amazing, within the more powerful style of the year.”

“No matter how impressed I was with the 2015 or the two vintages of the White Bones I tasted next to it, this stole the show.”

“2015 was not an easy year, yet the wine is better than ever.”

“This is quite in line with the 2010 vintage, with power and freshness in a rare combination of clout and elegance only the very best wines manage to show.” 

“It's a compact, super serious Malbec with concentration and power, great balance, abundant tannins, strong minerality, firm texture, great austerity and no concessions for sweetness whatsoever.”

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