What You Missed at Matter of Taste San Francisco

Earlier this spring, wine lovers gathered at The City Club of San Francisco for our Matter of Taste wine event, tasting over 200 outstanding wines, each rated 90 or more points by our team of Wine Advocate reviewers. 

“The real core of what we do with the Matter of Taste events is all about creating experiences where all of those great wines that we seek out everywhere around the world, we can bring those to light in an interactive event where people can taste over 200 wines and meet the winemakers themselves,” says Wine Advocate editor-in-chief Lisa Perrotti-Brown. 

Each Matter of Taste event has a theme—San Francisco’s was Right Bank Bordeaux-inspired wines and global sparkling wines. “We usually go really in-depth on a topic so that people could find out much, much more than they ordinarily would be able to find out,” adds Perrotti-Brown of the event’s Master Classes. Seminars at the San Francisco event included a retrospective of Petrolo’s Galatrona with proprietor Luca Sanjust, as well as an eye-opening blind tasting of New World Merlot newcomers. 

The grand finale of every Matter of Taste event is a bring-your-own-bottle dinner. “It’s a chance for our readers and our whole team at The Wine Advocate to bring a bottle of something that we want to share and talk about with everyone else at the table,” says Perrotti-Brown. 


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Robert Parker Wine Advocate, we’re hosting a series of no-holds-barred Matter of Taste events in New York City at the Conrad New York hotel on November 10, featuring wines that represent what our critics have highlighted as the best of the best in our world-renowned publication. 

Mark your calendar today and stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Video and photos shot by Alrik Bursell, a freelance director of photography, editor and producer that has worked on videos for brands such as HBO, Comcast, Sprint and the NFL. 

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