6 Top-Rated Italian Wines Under $25

In the latest Wine Advocate Issue, Monica Larner reports on value wines in her region of Italy, all priced under $25. “Because I live in Italy, I taste and receive samples directly from the producer,” she says. “I never get them from the importer. But, a value wine tasting must be organized by the importer because only they are in a position to confirm the United States retail price of a wine.”

For the first annual installment, Larner approached three importers in the U.S. and conducted a survey—questions included best Italian wine regions and what the consumer wants in a value wine. (Read the full Q&A here.)

Here, we’ve rounded up the six top-rated Italian wines from Larner’s report, all priced at $25 and under—value wines in more ways than one.

2016 Duemani • Cabernet Franc CiFRA
“The wine just oozes personality and power with inky dark fruit and thick extraction.”

“I love it because it makes me feel like I am in Sicily when I drink it.”

“Here's a dark and beautifully rich value wine from the coast of Tuscany.”

“Here's an excellent recommendation if you are looking for a great-value white from Italy.”

“This is a fantastic food-prep Tuscan red.”

“I never imagined that I'd catch a Barolo in my report on Italian wines under $25, but here you go.”

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