5 Top-Rated Wines from Switzerland

“There is much more to discover than just wine,” says Stephan Reinhardt about Switzerland. In the September Interim Issue, Reinhardt tasted over 100 Swiss wines, noting an increase in quality over the years. 

Unfortunately for the consumer, the region’s wines are hard to come by for a number of reasons, including limited production and high labor costs. But that shouldn’t deter you from making the trek: “Take the plane to Zurich or to Geneva, rent a cabriolet [Switzerland is a very sunny country even though some areas like the Ticino have a lot of rainfall too], and check out one of the most beautiful and multifaceted wine regions of the world,” suggests Reinhardt.

Here, the top five rated Swiss wines from Reinhardt’s latest report. (Read the full issue here.)


“It is an unbelievably great Pinot Noir from Malans and one of the very best red wines this tiny but impressive wine country is offering!”

“Gérald Besse's dark, black-red colored 2010 Martigny Syrah Les Serpentines is perfect to drink today.”

“There are fine red berry flavors here.”

“Donatsch's dark ruby colored 2015 Malans Pinot Noir Unique opens deep and spicy on the nose, with ripe and flinty fruit aromas.”   

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