8 100-Point Wines From Italy

In her latest report, Monica Larner offers the first public look at the 2016 Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia. “The 100-point 2016 Sassicaia offers an exquisitely rare and indisputably compelling encore performance of one of the greatest Italian wines ever made,” she says of the stunning new wine. 

Here, eight Italian wines, including the 2016 Sassicaia, all rated a perfect Robert Parker score of 100 points. 

“To my mind, the 2016 Sassicaia stands tall next to the epic 1985 vintage that set the ultimate benchmark for vino italiano.”

“With the 2015 vintage, Solaia is liquid sunshine not just in name but also in fact.”

“The wine is absolutely teeming with sensorial spirit that is transmitted through the bounty of the bouquet and the solid tannins of the mouthfeel.”

“This wine takes us to the heart of Nebbiolo.”

“Here is a stunning wine that exudes excellence in primary material and winemaking craft.”

“This is a cellar keeper.”

“This is an extraordinary creation that bursts from the glass with a level of distinct intensity and elegance that is nothing short of breathtaking.”

“Brunello Madonna Delle Grazie represents the enormous promise of Montalcino.”

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