100-Point Masseto 2016 Released

  • Anthony Maxwell, Liv-ex Director

  • 26 Sep 2019 | News & Views

Masseto 2016 has been released at €380 per bottle ex-negociant, up 10% on the 2015 (€345). It is expected that the wine will be offered by the international trade at £6,000 per 12×75, a 9% increase on the 2015 release per case (£5,500 per 12×75).

The Wine Advocate's Monica Larner awarded the wine a perfect 100 points earlier this year.. In her tasting note, Larner said that “Masseto has pulled off back-to-back home runs” and added that “this is the first time that an Italian wine has earned 100 points in successive vintages.”


Larner went on to say that she “tasted the 2016 and 2015 vintages together for comparison” and confirmed that “these vintages are identical twins, two perfect wines.”

The release is coming to the market at the same price as the 2015, which has risen 9% in value since its release last year.

These two 100-point twins are currently available at a 22% discount to the 2006 and will no-doubt offer excitement to buyers.


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